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Our vision is to be Central Florida's premier elevator service provider and deliver the best quality service while also serving our community that we hold dear and love. We stand together with our neighbors and together make a difference for our future. 


We provide full and comprehensive elevator maintenance plans with monthly or quarterly visits, repairs of all types, modernizations of traction and hydraulic systems, installation of commercial elevators, and wheelchair lifts. 


Our community consists of several Central Florida counties. We love our customers and neighbors and is why we are ready to serve you anytime. Central Florida is beautiful with a mixed culture and diversity of peoples. We love to work, live and play in Central Florida.  

ABOUT US - Your partner and neighbor

     For the past couple of decades, Central Florida has seen a transformation from its people to roads, buildings and overall growth; Orlando Elevator Service is now part of that growth. With customer service in mind, Orlando Elevator strives to be more attentive and focus in customer service and communicating with our customers on a consistent basis. Some of our team members have been part of Central Florida since 1997 or longer and understand that your building has more visitors than ever before and is why it's important you partner up with a company that its people understand your needs. 


     Central Florida is the hub for many great industries including hospitality, attractions, technology, manufacturing, education and medical among many others. Orlando Elevator understands the urgency in keeping people moving throughout your property seamlessly, especially when you're trying to impress your guests, residents and workers. Orlando Elevator promises to communicate with you on a consistent basis so you know exactly what's going on with your elevators and will do everything in our power to minimize downtime. This of course is a commitment we make to our customers and with the cooperation of the elevator or building owner to invest in their equipment to extend and prolong the life of the elevators and keep the equipment running at optimal performance. 


     Orlando Elevator is also a Veteran-owned business and a local supporter of our community, we look forward to your patronage and support as well as building relationships with our neighbors and friends. #SupportLocalBusinesses

What is Proprietary vs Non-Proprietary?

     When it comes to proprietary vs non-proprietary, it basically comes down to software availability and access. Most if not all major elevator manufacturers sell their parts to independent elevator companies like Orlando Elevator, however, its software may not be able to be purchased or downloaded so easily and readily available to outside firms. This in essence is what makes the "Major 4" company's equipment "proprietary". This however does not mean that independent companies such as Orlando Elevator cannot service your elevator. Software most times is inexpensive or hardly ever need to be replaced or upgraded which is the upside. Parts availability is achievable so as long the parts themselves are still manufactured either by the OEM or a third party. Very rarely do parts actually become obsolete, however, in the case they do, there is always a solution for replacement with a similar part or controller. Having proprietary equipment does not lessen the quality or safety factor of your elevator; it may simply mean it may cost you more in the long run to maintain whether you keep the OEM company to service your elevator or an independent elevator company. 

     Now that we understand what proprietary basically is, non-proprietary simply means the opposite or that the parts AND software is readily available to ALL elevator companies regardless which company installed it. This availability is preferred by most elevator and building owners, federal and local governments, elevator consultants, inspectors and independent elevator companies due to the ease of serviceability and parts procurement. Having a non-proprietary elevator controller or equipment does not guarantee that parts or software will not become obsolete either, however, these would be readily available to your elevator service provider without any difficulty. 

     When it comes to training and providing service to both types of equipment, Orlando Elevator has you covered. We have the necessary training, tools and knowledge to work on your elevator. Feel free to contact us for a free quote and proposal to service your equipment. 

     Thank you for letting us be part of your business, we will make sure we are always upfront and honest with you, that is our guarantee and promise to you. 

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