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Products & Upgrades

Our products and upgrade options are endless. We carry a full line of products for all of your elevator needs.  Whether you just need one product or would like to upgrade key products to keep your elevator going, we have the perfect product for you without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars upfront. Small incremental upgrades go a long way for your equipment. Contact us now to learn more about a specific product and a free quote. 


Trusted Brands


Electronic Boards

There are thousands of obsolete boards still operating in elevators today. Unfortunately many are either not manufactured nor supported any longer or may be too expensive to acquire and replace, still not providing the best optimal performance for your elevator or may be beyond repair which can lead you to upgrading your equipment.

We will be happy to assess your equipment properly and provide you with a quote to repair or replace your equipment including your controller.


Give us a call today and one of our representatives will advise you of the best cost effective option. Should you already have a proposal from another elevator company, feel free to contact us for a comparative proposal. 

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