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Maintenance Services

We are a full elevator service provider in Central Florida with a focus on Predictive and Preventive Maintenance. We service and repair all types of elevators and provide full maintenance packages to cover your equipment just as if it were an insurance policy. We service traction and hydraulic elevator equipment. We have a full line of products, trained and licensed technicians as well as a fleet of service vehicles fully stocked with commonly used parts. We also offer 24 hour service which will ensure someone is always on standby and available whenever you call. All of our technicians live in or close to neighboring counties we serve as well. Call Orlando Elevator today for all of your vertical transportation needs.

  • Monthly or Periodic Preventive Maintenance                 

  • Complete cleaning of equipment and room                    

  • Parts replacements as needed* 

  • Hydraulic Systems maintenance and repair 

  • Code violation corrections and repairs*

  • Maintenance Control Programs included at no charge

  • Remote Monitoring using AI (Artificial Intelligence)*

  • Routine and Periodic Inspections included*

  • Callbacks answered within same day

  • Elevator pit water remediation and sealing*

* Call for more details. 

Office Buildings   Hospitality   Healthcare   Educational   Industrial  

Preventive Maintenance Service Plans

Oil & Grease
Standard Plan
Full Service Plan

Maintenance on any equipment is vital for its longevity and serviceability. Without proper maintenance whether it's your personal vehicle, home, building or appliances can eventually shutdown and cause inconveniences to your daily life if not much worse. Elevators are no different, it's not just getting in an elevator and pushing a button; what happens behind the scenes on how the pushing of a button sends an electrical signal to a complex controller and how that message starts a whole complex process and delivers by taking you safely to your destination is what needs to be properly monitored and maintained. 

With so many buildings and each having its own demand, we customize Preventive Maintenance Plans for your specific building and elevator type. You may or may not need monthly service, your elevators may be in an office setting with little to heavy traffic, or your elevators may be in an apartment complex where there is higher traffic in the morning and evening hours or even in a medical facility where it's non-stop usage; there are many factors to consider when providing maintenance services. That's why we're here to help you and put you at ease knowing you can count on us to deliver what we contractually offered. 

The two most common types of elevators in Central Florida are hydraulic elevators and traction elevators. There are others like LULAs and personal home elevators that require less service and maintenance but still required by its manufacturer and possibly by Florida Statutes to maintain its Certificate of Operation for public use. 

Call us today for a customized comprehensive elevator Maintenance Plan. 

Modernization Projects

It's easy to become overwhelmed with an elevator modernization project. Orlando Elevator uses the finest products in the industry and only installs Non-Proprietary equipment and controllers. Orlando Elevator works well with building owners, consultants and building managers among others. "There's a reason why safety codes are updated and so should your elevators", Chris Rivera, President. 

Products modernized include:

  • Hydraulic pump-motors, tanks, valves, oil line, biodegradable hydraulic oil conversions

  • Traction elevator machines, ropes, emergency brakes, safeties, roller guides and shoes

  • Door equipment, detector edges, door operators, tracks and hangers, sills

  • Non-Proprietary controllers, selectors/landing systems, wiring, travel cables

  • Position Indicators, button fixtures, car and hall lanterns

  • Touchless Car Operating panels and hall station conversions

  • LCD screen Car Operating panels

  • LULA (Limited Use/Limited Application) elevators

Major brands serviced


All products, company names and logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective owners. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. 

Inspection Violations & Certificate of Operation

Does your elevator comply with the most current safety codes? We can help you by providing the most comprehensive safety inspections and violation remedies and corrections repairs. Don't get fined or red-tagged by the State. Call us today! 


We can help you with:

- Maintenance Control Program (MCP) compliance

- Equipment safety compliance

- Owner responsibilities, i.e., machine rooms, signs, storage

- Two-stop Exemption filing and status

- Maintenance contracts up to date

- Inspection coordinating and scheduling

- Inspection report documentation and record keeping

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